This is a blog to keep track of our adventures in backpacking and hiking around Northwest Arkansas and wherever else we end up.  Check out the Trail List if you are looking for links to maps or more information.  Also…the Blogroll is a list of some of my favorite sites about hiking and backpacking.

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  2. Mark Jones says:

    Do you have a gps trail of the Boxley to Ponca you would share?

    • Shelley says:

      I do not have a gps trail. You mightcheck with Charlie Williams at
      He has a link to a GPS trail you can download for the Western Section of the Buffalo River Trail

  3. Mark Jones says:

    Thanks. I had found that link and now have it. I have hiked most of that trail except the top of the Boxley to Ponca. So we will do that in a few weeks. Thanks for the help.

    Mark Jones

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